3 highland cattle in field

There is nothing cuter than a baby highland cow... And we have three of them!

Meet Lomond, Nevis, and McDui, our beautiful highland cattle calves. Gentle, sweet, and friendly, they are so excited to make lots of new friends when Heads of Ayr Farm Park opens for the summer on Saturday 18th March 2017. They arrived in our care in November 2016, and have been lovingly looked after by our animal keepers ever since!

Highland cattle are also known as 'hairy cows' because of their long thick coat, which helps them survive harsh conditions in the Scottish Highlands and keep them warm in the cold weather. The two horns on their head help them to dig through thick snow to find vegetation underneath. They also use their horns to defend themselves against predators and rival highland cattle.

Like all cows, highland cattle are herbivores. This means that they do not eat meat, and instead eat mostly grass, although they have been known to munch on leaves from low-growing trees, and even the odd flower! They have become very good at foraging for food, and their patience and skill means than in the wild they can be found grazing on even the steepest mountain slopes!

Although they originally come from Scotland, highland cattle can now be found all over Europe, as well as North America and Australia. It is because of their Scottish heritage however, that we chose their names. Lomond, Nevis, and McDui are all named after some of Scotland's most famous Bens. Scottish mountains are called 'Bens' after the word 'Beinn' which is Gaelic for mountain.

We hope you have enjoyed learning all about highland cattle, and will come along to meet our calves in person! Lomond, Nevis, and McDui can't wait to meet you. And remember, we want to see your pictures of these beautiful babies! Tag your pics on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #headsofayrfarmpark.